How do you communicate with people?

The principle of art is to pause, not bypass. ...Have  you ever talked with someone and wondered what they were really trying to get at? I really dislike when I feel like someone has an agenda that they want to get across and forget that I am a person, too.  This made me think about how I communicate with people about fitness, nutrition and my passion for beachbody.  There is something out there called the PAUSE Principle. Have you heard of it?

The PAUSE principle can be applied to many aspects in your life, from conflicts with your teenager, witnessing to people about your faith, helping people work through mediation or helping them to change something in their life that is a struggle. This is what it’s about:

Prepare: Do your research and really get to know what you are talking

Affirm relationships: People can sense when you truly care about them or when your mind is wandering and you are not engaged in the conversation.  Be real and invest in people

Understand interests: Get to know the people you are talking to. Take an interest in what they are interested in. Be interested, not interesting.

Search for creative solutions: We do not live in a cookie cutter world. What has worked for some people may not work for me or the person your talking to.  Try to find realistic solutions for each individual.

Evaluate options objectively and reasonably: Come up with several options and let the person pick what fits them the best. Be reasonable and know that this may work for you, but that person may really not be able to commit to your suggestions.   It has to be something that they will be able to follow through with.

People appreciate personal connections. Remember to be real and concerned about them, more than you are about a product, personal agenda or organization.  We may strongly believe that what we are doing is the “cats meow” but pushing it may build more walls than bridges.


About anitakellam

Wife-Mom-Health Care Provider-Fitness Junky- Gluten/Dairy Free Foody, Aspiring Techno Geek My name Dr. Anita Kellam, DNP, FNP-C. I am a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and maintain a practice in rural Montana. When I was a kid I was a competitive swimmer and even swam at the master's level until I had my first child. I have spent the past 15 years pursuing my professional degrees, raising 3 children and devoting myself to my family. Over the years I saw the pounds slowly creeping up. Once I completed my doctoral degree I made the decision to improve my health and fitness. Beachbody has provided excellent tools that helped me turn my house into a gym. It has been an amazing resource to help me achieve my goals and I am addicted to the products. I would love to help others on their journey to be in the best shape of their lives no matter what age or fitness level. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or like me on my webpage

One Response to “How do you communicate with people?”

  1. I totally agree; making these little adjustments can help us all communicate a little bit better, with one another. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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