People need to be more like dandelions

Some dandelions found in my backyard.

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I know this sounds goofy, but think about it.  Have you ever tried to get those darn dandelions out of your yard.  These suckers are persistent and have roots that go on forever.  They can grow in fields, in between rock beds, and in just about any soil type there is.  Another great thing about them is how happy this little weed can make a child.  I remember cutting slits in the stems and dipping them in water so I could watch them curl up in ringlets or running to my Mom with a lovely bouquet of bright yellow dandelions in hand.  My point is that dandelions have deep roots and the ability to grow, spread and display their bright flower for the world to see.  How are you impacting the world around you.  Are you willing to be more like a dandelion and have roots that run so deep even the most stubborn gardener has difficulty getting rid of or will a light breeze blow you out of the ground?

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Wife-Mom-Health Care Provider-Fitness Junky- Gluten/Dairy Free Foody, Aspiring Techno Geek My name Dr. Anita Kellam, DNP, FNP-C. I am a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and maintain a practice in rural Montana. When I was a kid I was a competitive swimmer and even swam at the master's level until I had my first child. I have spent the past 15 years pursuing my professional degrees, raising 3 children and devoting myself to my family. Over the years I saw the pounds slowly creeping up. Once I completed my doctoral degree I made the decision to improve my health and fitness. Beachbody has provided excellent tools that helped me turn my house into a gym. It has been an amazing resource to help me achieve my goals and I am addicted to the products. I would love to help others on their journey to be in the best shape of their lives no matter what age or fitness level. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or like me on my webpage

7 Responses to “People need to be more like dandelions”

  1. Another great thing about Dandelions is that they are edible and taste pretty good with just a pinch of salt. I remember when I was younger and the fields were full of these pretty yellow flowers my grandmother would send me into their midsts basket in tow to collect as many tops as I could to make dandelion wine. Great childhood memories thank you for the post!


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