Ever wonder how to do a side-lying plank the right way?

Ever wonder how to do a side lying plank the right way? What the heck is the point of this darn move anyway?

English: Picture of a modified plank exercise.

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Well this one move attacks many areas in your body.  If you’ve ever done one, then you know how it feels.  The side lying plank is meant to strengthen the chain of muscles along your side called the lateral myofascial chain.  It also helps you gain stability, as well as improve the muscle control of the low back, pelvis & hips.  But, there’s more…..it also targets the gluteus medius, your obliques, quadratus lumborum, multifidus, tensor fascia lata, and erector spinae.  Those are fancy words that mean butt, abs and back.

To do this move well you will need to start off in a side-lying position with your head resting on a folded arm or cushion.  Make sure that your legs are lined up together.  When you’ve got that part under control, lift up your pelvis as high as it can go and push down through the legs.  Personally, I have to think about staying contracted all the way from my arm to my feet.  If I lose that contraction I’ll topple over and that’s not a pretty site. Try to hold this for a minute if you can and repeat it 5-10 times, if possible.

If you’re advanced and need to make this harder try putting your feet or arm on a foam roller.

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2 Responses to “Ever wonder how to do a side-lying plank the right way?”

  1. Oh my sweet Anita! No, I have NEVER wondered how to do a side-lying plank the wright way. I HAVE wondered why anyone would want to do a side-lying plank though. 🙂 Your blog is helpful as usual because it answered that question too.

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