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What’s your excuse??

What’s your excuse??

I already know all the excuses because I was the queen of them for years… It’s raining out, it’s too nice out, my workout clothes are dirty, I forgot my headphones at home, I don’t have time, I don’t want to get bulky, I’m too tired…blah blah blah. The real question to ask should be what’s your REASON?

My before picture is just after finishing my doctorate. I did not regularly exercise. I held baby weight after each pregnancy. I was constantly exhausted and used the excuse that chasing the children around was enough exercise. I came down with every cold and virus that could fester and spread on the grocery cart handle. I was miserable and avoided any pictures with my children – which now in hindsight is just plain sad for them and me. I went to bed miserable every night because I failed at what I had sworn that morning I would do – which was to make better food choices and get to the gym. It was an ugly vicious cycle and the effects of my misery did not go unnoticed by my family. 

Finally, one morning I woke up and said I am done talking about it -(I felt my back fat jiggle) and from that day on I started living it and being about it. There have been setbacks, struggles and tears but the truth is, once I started getting up and consistently working out in the mornings, it made me want to make better choices all through the day, including in the kitchen. My energy levels became increasingly better and I slept like a rock all night. My moods were much happier and instantly improved my family life and relationships. It would be a straight up lie if I said I wasn’t motivated to rock a bikini at my age but I also realized these kids in my life really were MY WHY and they needed and deserved a happy, healthy, active mom who could step up and be their healthy role model. When I found my reasons why, I simply lost all of my excuses.

My decision to coach keeps pushing me further, keeps me motivated and providing goals but it is very far from my reason why I continue to live this lifestyle.

So instead of looking for your excuse, are you able to dig deep and find YOUR reasons WHY? When you do find your why and your passion, your results will follow. Message me for help.11042942_947364438631658_7105274840541815394_n

WARNING: It’s about to get real up In here…


It’s about to get real up In here…

To continue to grow and move forward in your life, you have to keep setting and striving for bigger and better goals. Sometimes we find we have a “thing” that hinders us from reaching our goals maybe it’s fear, lack of motivation, self-doubt, not knowing where to begin…

Ready?!?(Told ya it was about to get real)…

My “thing” is fear of success and not believing I’m good enough. This stems from self limiting beliefs. What does it cause you ask? With my health and fitness. I’ve struggled with my weight off and on after the birth of my kids and when I was in grad school. When I would get to a point where I was finally seeing results and super proud, I would self-sabotage with binge eating on sugar or playing mental wrestling in my head. It’s a vicious cycle really. I’ve had to learn to overcome my fear, to KNOW that I am good enough and I DO deserve the happiness God put me on this earth to receive.

It’s not easy and I still struggle, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! We are capable of ANYTHING! We just have to believe in ourselves and put the proper actions into place!

Please know, if you have any questions or want to chat I would love a message from ya!

Whatever your “thing” is, it’s time to conquer it! It’s time to believe in YOU!!

 Get Real

Do you want smokin’ HOT abs?

Abdominal Crunch with Oblique Twist 1

Abdominal Crunch with Oblique Twist 1 (Photo credit: Scott & White Healthcare)

Muscles of the trunk

Muscles of the trunk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world seems to have an endless array of workout equipment to get smokin’ hot abs, but most people still don’t do enough activities each day to actually get the results they want. Back & abdominal muscles are referred to as your core muscle group.  This is an area that will weaken as we age if they are not targeted routinely with exercise.

What is a strong core really good for?

  • A strong core reduces back pain
  • A strong core improves athletic performance
  • A strong core improves postural imbalances
  • Core muscles add strength and stability to the spine, arms and legs.

The muscles of the core run the length of the trunk and torso.

The list below names the most common and generally accepted group of core muscles.

It is hard to target the core muscle group during regular daily activities.  You need to pay specific attention to them with targeted exercises. Exercises that Build Core Strength The most effective core strengthening exercises are when the torso works as a solid unit & the front & back muscles contract at the same time, multi joint movements are performed & the spine is stabilized. Abdominal bracing is an important basic technique used during core exercise training. To correctly brace, you should attempt to pull your navel back in toward your spine or pretend that someone is about to drop a heavy weight on her abdomen and you need to tighten up. This action primarily recruits transverse abdominus. You should be able to breathe evenly while bracing and no hold your breath. Some of the best core exercises are simple bodyweight exercises. What Are the Best Core Exercises?

  1. Bicycle Crunch is the #1 ab exercise if done right.
  2. Ab Crunch on an exercise ball.  Dust off that exercise ball and put it to work.
  3. Single leg bridge exercise. The best unknown exercise for the core.
  4. Vertical leg crunch. Killer!
  5. Long arm crunch. This will get amazing results and I LOVE it!
  6. Reverse crunch. Keep torso steady and lift up the feet.
  7. Plank (Hover)
  8. Side plank. Add extra oomph by crunching your top leg up in this position.
  9. Basic crunch
  10. Crossover crunch
  11. Seated oblique twists on a medicine ball
  12. Oblique Crunch
  13. Plank on a balance ball
  14. Alternating superman
  15. V-Sit exercise
  16. The basic push-up. You heard me right. The push up is great for abs.
  17. Hip lift
  18. Back bridge

Perform several (3-5) abdominal exercises 3-5 times a week. Start with exercises and repetitions that are comfortable for your fitness level and as you improve increase the number of repetitions. You do not need to do all the exercises; simply select those that work well for you and vary your routine over the months.  To get an extra bang for your buck add a form of resistance to your workout. This can be done by using resistance bands or adding a weight to your moves. For example, place a light weight on your upper abdomen, creating some resistance. Another option is wrapping a resistance band around your feet and holding the handles while you perform your exercises.

Fitness tips to get the MOST out of your workouts

weight training

weight training (Photo credit: midwestnerd)

English: Exercise work zones (Fox and Haskell ...

English: Exercise work zones (Fox and Haskell formula between 20 and 70-year-old): red zone (VO2Max), anaerobic, aerobic, weight control and warming up. Français : Zones d’exercice de travail (selon la formule de Fox et Haskell entre 20 ans et 70 ans) : zone rouge (VO2Max), anaérobie, aérobie, perte de poids et échauffement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.     Get comfortable. Make sure that you have the right clothing and shoes to perform your exercise routine.

2.     Buy a heart rate monitor with a calorie counter to help motivate you and keep your heart rate at 80-85% of your maximum heart rate while working out.

3.     Set goals so that you can measure achievement and make a contract with yourself that is posted someplace you see daily. This will serve as a reminder to keep you on track.

4.     Schedule your daily workouts and stick to it.  This is non-negotiable! If you are asked to do something at your scheduled workout time, say, “Thanks for thinking of me, but I already have something scheduled then. Can we do it another time?” If there is no getting out of it, then find another time that day to workout.  Morning workouts are the easiest to stick to and make sure they are at least 30 minutes long.

5.     Have a support system of like-minded people that will motivate and encourage you. That’s why my challenge groups have been so successful.

6.     Mix up cardio and resistance training

7.     Ramp up the music. You will move faster and burn more calories.

8.     Make sure you are well hydrated before working out so you don’t get a muscle cramp.  If you don’t like to drink water before your workout make sure you get at least 80 ounces through the day.

9.     Eat a mix of protein and carbs for energy and record your nutritional intake in a log. I love

10.    Exercise needs to be a daily habit. No excuses.  Vary your workouts to keep your body guessing and keep your mind engaged. Find workouts that are fun for you to do and log them. Beachbody has a great system to keep track of these.

11.    Have some caffeine 40-45 minutes before working out.  I like energy and endurance because there is less than 200mg of caffeine in it. This can help stabilize your blood sugar, mobilize fat stores and heat up your metabolism.

12.    Find a way to reward yourself when you reach a goal. But, skip unhealthy rewards that may get you off track, such as junk food.

For more helpful information, tools, programs or motivation check out or Facebook me at

Turbo Fire

My Soul Mate workout

Ever wonder how to do a side-lying plank the right way?

Ever wonder how to do a side lying plank the right way? What the heck is the point of this darn move anyway?

English: Picture of a modified plank exercise.

Image via Wikipedia

Well this one move attacks many areas in your body.  If you’ve ever done one, then you know how it feels.  The side lying plank is meant to strengthen the chain of muscles along your side called the lateral myofascial chain.  It also helps you gain stability, as well as improve the muscle control of the low back, pelvis & hips.  But, there’s more… also targets the gluteus medius, your obliques, quadratus lumborum, multifidus, tensor fascia lata, and erector spinae.  Those are fancy words that mean butt, abs and back.

To do this move well you will need to start off in a side-lying position with your head resting on a folded arm or cushion.  Make sure that your legs are lined up together.  When you’ve got that part under control, lift up your pelvis as high as it can go and push down through the legs.  Personally, I have to think about staying contracted all the way from my arm to my feet.  If I lose that contraction I’ll topple over and that’s not a pretty site. Try to hold this for a minute if you can and repeat it 5-10 times, if possible.

If you’re advanced and need to make this harder try putting your feet or arm on a foam roller.

New workout video coming out soon, Tai Cheng

I can’t wait for this to come out and thought you all would like to learn more about it.  

by Team Beachbody Game Plan Challenge on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 8:56pm · 

 You’ve probably heard about our next breakthrough workout program, Tai Cheng. But what exactly is it? What are the benefits? What is the best way to introduce it to your customers? These and other questions are answered in this exclusive interview with Tai Cheng creator, Dr. Mark Cheng.   




Here’s what he had to say:


Tell us a little bit about yourself:  

From a professional perspective, I’m a licensed acupuncturist with a PhD in Chinese medicine and a specialty in manual medicine. I’ve gone on to study strength training, corrective exercise, and applied rehabilitative neurology from some of the top human performance minds in the world. My true love, however, has always been studying the martial arts and seeing how its teachings apply in combat, in medicine, and in sports science. Outside of that, I’m a son, a husband, and a dad.


What is the Tai Cheng program?

Tai Cheng is a system that focuses on finding areas of limitation in the body’s mobility and points of deficiency in the body’s stability. It works to correct those limitations, and then patterns relaxed control over the new movements. We’re using the most powerful paradigms in modern sports medicine, physical therapy, and rehabilitation to dial in how we apply an ancient training method─Tai Chi. We’re also using the same logic that guides the NFL’s top physical therapists and trainers and bringing it to you with the added benefit of martial arts! 


What is the reason behind starting the Tai Cheng program?

To be totally honest, Isabelle Daikeler is the reason behind starting the Tai Cheng program. I was fortunate enough to meet her after she approached me for kettlebell training. During our conversations, she discovered that I taught martial arts, one of which is Tai Chi. She was kind enough to speak favorably about my training sessions to her husband and Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler. The rest has been history in the making.


How would you introduce Tai Cheng to a new customer?

Very simple. Ask the customer if they want to perform better than they’re already performing. Unless you come across someone closed-minded, you’re likely going to hear “Yes!” Also, don’t think of it as solely a workout program for the elderly or injured. This is for EVERYONE! But the best way of introducing Tai Cheng is to try the program YOURSELF. Once you do it, you’ll be able to speak about it intelligently and with absolute confidence. I could tell you about it all day long, but they’re just words until you feel it for yourself.


What are the top benefits of the program?

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the confidence people have after training in the Tai Cheng system. They’ve got a different level of control over their bodies, and they go on to other workout routines and don’t have to fear the same likelihood of injury. From a physical sense, people will be able to improve their body’s athletic performance (better lifts, higher reps, less discomfort, better endurance) with zero-impact training methods that can be done either on their own or in conjunction with another workout program.


What is the most inspirational story you’ve heard about the Tai Cheng program?

There are two Tai Cheng success stories that immediately come to mind. The first was seeing someone who had been scheduled for double knee replacement surgery and limped around for “exercise” get to the point where he could go up and down two flights of stairs without pain. That was a big one. The second story was a morbidly obese individual who broke a sweat just walking from one side of the room to the other, get to where he’s now running marathons.  


What are the benefits of doing Tai Cheng in a Challenge Group?

Whether it’s on Facebook or in-person, a Challenge Group offers accountability, keeps you on task, and helps you stay motivated and consistent. As my Functional Movement mentor, Gray Cook, says, ‘Be consistent and persistent, and you’ll reap the benefits!’ It’s like being in class with everyone else around you as a cheat sheet. Everyone is helping you remember what comes next, cheering you on, and inspiring the best eating habits, the best posture, the best relaxation, and the best frame of mind. How can you go wrong with that?

You are NOT too busy or too tired!

English: At sea aboard USS Bataan (LHD 5) Sept...


There are 2 common excuses people use to not exercise.  They are: 1) I don’t have enough time and 2) I’m just too tired to do it.  Guess what, if you plan out your day and get your exercise done in the morning the rest of your day will be better.  I am not a morning person.  I HATE mornings and would treat myself to sleeping in past 9am most Saturday’s.  But, I have been able to successfully change my routine and make early morning (5am) exercise part of my day 6 days a week.  Surprisingly, I don’t miss sleeping in and find myself out of bed before 8 am on Saturday. 

Do you know what successful people have in common?  They tend to exercise before the go to work.  Exercise can help you think more clearly, become more productive and improve your energy.  Ahhhhh….did you catch that? You will have more energy if you exercise.  That leads me to excuse #2 “I’m too tired.”  That excuse doesn’t hold any water and is just plain bologna.  There’s a ton of research out there that supports the fact that exercise will improve your energy and fitness level, make you look younger, increase your self confidence level, a better sex life, longer life span, improve your overall quality of life, help you lose those extra pounds you’re concerned about and make you more productive.

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