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What’s your excuse??

What’s your excuse??

I already know all the excuses because I was the queen of them for years… It’s raining out, it’s too nice out, my workout clothes are dirty, I forgot my headphones at home, I don’t have time, I don’t want to get bulky, I’m too tired…blah blah blah. The real question to ask should be what’s your REASON?

My before picture is just after finishing my doctorate. I did not regularly exercise. I held baby weight after each pregnancy. I was constantly exhausted and used the excuse that chasing the children around was enough exercise. I came down with every cold and virus that could fester and spread on the grocery cart handle. I was miserable and avoided any pictures with my children – which now in hindsight is just plain sad for them and me. I went to bed miserable every night because I failed at what I had sworn that morning I would do – which was to make better food choices and get to the gym. It was an ugly vicious cycle and the effects of my misery did not go unnoticed by my family. 

Finally, one morning I woke up and said I am done talking about it -(I felt my back fat jiggle) and from that day on I started living it and being about it. There have been setbacks, struggles and tears but the truth is, once I started getting up and consistently working out in the mornings, it made me want to make better choices all through the day, including in the kitchen. My energy levels became increasingly better and I slept like a rock all night. My moods were much happier and instantly improved my family life and relationships. It would be a straight up lie if I said I wasn’t motivated to rock a bikini at my age but I also realized these kids in my life really were MY WHY and they needed and deserved a happy, healthy, active mom who could step up and be their healthy role model. When I found my reasons why, I simply lost all of my excuses.

My decision to coach keeps pushing me further, keeps me motivated and providing goals but it is very far from my reason why I continue to live this lifestyle.

So instead of looking for your excuse, are you able to dig deep and find YOUR reasons WHY? When you do find your why and your passion, your results will follow. Message me for help.11042942_947364438631658_7105274840541815394_n

If you never try, you’ll never know

Totally putting myself out there!! The pic on the left is how I looked a month into my realization that something in my life had to change. Is there something that you want to do or try, but you’re too afraid? I tackled a couple of my fearsover the past few years. I was really scared to try coaching, but I did it! Changing habits is a little scary for me, too! Not only did I do it…but I grew to love how good I feel! YIKES! It certainly helps when you have people cheering for you and encouraging you! You just have to ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe you’ll fail. But maybe you won’t! I’m a ‘maybe-you-won’t-fail’ kinda gal.

If you are inspired to reach your goals send me a message. We can be on this journey together.

Today is a great day to make a new start

Today is a great day to make a new start

March 2012 Winter Storm

If you are wondering where I have been for the past few days, I apologize.  Montana was hit by a severe winter storm  and power line broke across our driveway so we have been out of power for 3 days!! Life is an adventure.  FYI fiberoptic telephone/internet may sound great, but, after 8-10 hours the battery backup dies and you lose all telephone services.  Remember the old days when the power went out, but your phone still worked?  My closets have never been so clean and the Salvation Army is going to be hit with bags of goodies.  So, it all worked out in the end and everyone is safe. We are thankful for the power company that sent crews from across the state to get our little section hooked up again.

How do you communicate with people?

The principle of art is to pause, not bypass. ...Have  you ever talked with someone and wondered what they were really trying to get at? I really dislike when I feel like someone has an agenda that they want to get across and forget that I am a person, too.  This made me think about how I communicate with people about fitness, nutrition and my passion for beachbody.  There is something out there called the PAUSE Principle. Have you heard of it?

The PAUSE principle can be applied to many aspects in your life, from conflicts with your teenager, witnessing to people about your faith, helping people work through mediation or helping them to change something in their life that is a struggle. This is what it’s about:

Prepare: Do your research and really get to know what you are talking

Affirm relationships: People can sense when you truly care about them or when your mind is wandering and you are not engaged in the conversation.  Be real and invest in people

Understand interests: Get to know the people you are talking to. Take an interest in what they are interested in. Be interested, not interesting.

Search for creative solutions: We do not live in a cookie cutter world. What has worked for some people may not work for me or the person your talking to.  Try to find realistic solutions for each individual.

Evaluate options objectively and reasonably: Come up with several options and let the person pick what fits them the best. Be reasonable and know that this may work for you, but that person may really not be able to commit to your suggestions.   It has to be something that they will be able to follow through with.

People appreciate personal connections. Remember to be real and concerned about them, more than you are about a product, personal agenda or organization.  We may strongly believe that what we are doing is the “cats meow” but pushing it may build more walls than bridges.


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