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Are you sick and tired of feeling stuck and alone on your fitness journey?


Want to join a group of like minded fitness lovers? I created a new Facebook group and it’s totally FREE. Click on this link to join our community. We will share favorite recipes, tips, tricks, tools and get support from other people who want to live a full, fit life.


Tuesday’s Tips, Tricks and Tools…..or something like that?

OK, I need your help….

I’m tossing around a new idea and want to know what you think. I’m planning on doing a weekly “Tuesday Tips” or “Saturday Solutions,” not sure what to call it and am open to suggestions. Anyway, I get a lot of the same questions and thought doing a weekly, short video answering them would be helpful to people.

I’m looking for more ideas for topics. If you have some questions you would like help with please comment below and I will put them on the list. 

Oh ya, what should I call this little segment?IMG_1135

If you never try, you’ll never know

Totally putting myself out there!! The pic on the left is how I looked a month into my realization that something in my life had to change. Is there something that you want to do or try, but you’re too afraid? I tackled a couple of my fearsover the past few years. I was really scared to try coaching, but I did it! Changing habits is a little scary for me, too! Not only did I do it…but I grew to love how good I feel! YIKES! It certainly helps when you have people cheering for you and encouraging you! You just have to ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe you’ll fail. But maybe you won’t! I’m a ‘maybe-you-won’t-fail’ kinda gal.

If you are inspired to reach your goals send me a message. We can be on this journey together.

Today is a great day to make a new start

Today is a great day to make a new start

Make me your FREE coach

Make Me Your Coach

I started a journey 3 years ago when I was finished with my doctoral degree and in a pretty dark place. I decided to tackle life and poured myself into a group that I engaged with every single day. The rest is history!

I am a better mom, wife, employee, business owner & friend. How I feel in my skin impacts EVERYTHING! It was the BEST thing I ever did for myself and my family and that is why I do what I do. Everyone deserves that feeling!

MAKE ME YOUR COACH >>> http://tinyurl.com/make-coach

I want to hold your hand on this journey! It takes ONE BIG LEAP of FAITH and COURAGE. We CAN do it together! Anita Kellam: homefitnessjunky.com

There’s no better time to get fit!




What is holding you back from taking the next step in your fitness?  Now is the time to dive right in and I’ll be there with the life jacket if you need me!

Don’t let summer binging wreck your hard work!

By: portions why Jillian Michaels.

Don’t let summer get togethers and picnics destroy your new diet and fitness goals. Here are a some tips to help keep you on track and you’ll feel better, too!

It’s Memorial Day weekend and summer is kicking off, even though we had snow in my neck of the woods yesterday. That means, summer foods, drinks, outfits – and challenges. Summer can throw people off their game plan because it seems fun to join in with the crowd, but it doesn’t have to.

Alright, so let’s break down the biggest issue — food. I’m not going to call names, but some of you are planning on hitting a barbecue on the weekends. Am I right? I can envision the usual spread. Burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, chips, cookies, chips, snack foods — the whole nine yards. Anyone thinking they’ll have a run in with an ice cream cone, icy, or a fruity, syrupy frozen drink too? Yeah, I thought so.

Let’s keep it simple. You can’t expect the world to be on the same page as you when it comes to your nutrition plan and goals. You also can’t expect to find a bounty of healthy, organic, and nutrient-packed foods at your friend’s cookout, your neighborhood block party, or along the beach boardwalk. You will need to plan what you’ll eat or what you’ll bring, and how you’ll respond to tempting situations before you face them.

You can bring healthy dishes to the cook out, snacks in your cooler for the beach and you can make smart decisions to skip the mayo-heavy potato salad. Preparation is the only way to know you’ll stay in control and won’t undo the good work you’ve started. Got it? It’s been said that “Discipline is about choosing between what you want now and what you want most!” This weekend, it’s all on you. What kind of summer will you have? One of regret and disappointment in yourself — or one that keeps you moving you towards your ultimate healthy goals? I know all of my rockstars will make the right decisions.

What fun summer plans do you have lined up? What’s your strategy to have a blast while staying on-track? Here are a few summery dishes to keep in mind this weekend.

The Diet Detective: 5 Underrated Weight-Loss Strategies

By Charles Stuart Platkin 


1. Learn to say NO.


Resistance skills are critical. The ability to say NO is one of the most important skills you can use as you work to improve your eating and exercise habits. Say no to the food pushers, the diet saboteurs, the fast-food commercials and all those who try to derail your diet. The fact is, people will not always be as supportive as you’d like them to be.

What You Need to Know

Have your answer ready for those diet saboteurs. Mentally rehearse a few key phrases like, “Oh, no thanks. I couldn’t eat another thing.” Or try the truth: “I’m trying to eat healthfully, and that piece of cake will throw me completely off track.”

Try writing down three typical scenarios you’ve experienced around family, friends or co-workers where you felt uncomfortable saying no to food.

The key is to prepare responses to these types of situations so you’re ready next time. That way, you’ll be armed with an automatic response that rolls off your tongue because you’ve thought of it ahead of time and it makes sense. If you are prepared, there’s a better chance that you will be able to control the outcome.




2. Develop a calorie instinct.


I know that the “c” word is so passé. However, calories are a real measure of your food intake. Yes, a calorie is simply a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat. And yes, there are the “right” proteins (i.e., lean), the “right” carbs (whole grains and veggies) and the “right” fats (e.g., unsaturated, omega-3s).

Your total number of calories gives you an instant clue as to whether or not you have the budget to eat what you’re about to eat. Calories also help to keep you accountable.

What You Need to Know

You get a daily calorie budget. Fats are the most “expensive” at nine calories per gram. Carbs and proteins are four calories per gram. As a quickie guide to determining your calorie budget, figure 10 calories per pound for women and 11 calories per pound for men. Then multiply that number by your activity level (sedentary = 1.2, lightly active = 1.35, moderately active = 1.5, very active = 1.65, extremely active = 2.0).

Reduce your calorie budget to lose weight. Know the cost of a calorie and shop wisely, because every 40 calories you take in over your calorie budget will require 10 minutes of walking to burn off.

3. Eat a ton of vegetables.


While diet book authors and nutrition experts can’t agree on much, what they can agree on is that eating vegetables is a great diet and health strategy. They are nature’s ultimate gift: incredibly low in calories and high in nutrients. What more can you ask for?

What You Need to Know

Take a look at the following comparison: 100 grams, or 3.57 oz., of broccoli is only 34 calories, while a 100-gram, or 3.57-oz., brownie is 405 calories. So, from a calorie perspective, you can eat loads of broccoli and not get fat. That’s the concept of eating in volume; you can eat 10 times more non-starchy vegetables than junk food. Not only that, but you also get all those fabulous antioxidants and other nutrients.

4. Find friends who support your behavior.


A study by researchers at Brown University found that friends who followed a weight-loss program together lost more weight and were more likely to complete their diet program and maintain their weight loss than those who were doing it on their own.

What You Need to Know

It wouldn’t hurt to make a few new friends who are health and fitness conscious. Mind you, I’m not saying replace your old friends; just find a few who don’t carry that extra doughnut in their briefcase or purse.

A critical factor in your weight loss is the company you keep. You need to examine whether your spouse, family, partner, friends and colleagues eat poorly and/or are sedentary.

5. Build confidence.


Feeling confident that you can change a behavior is one of the single biggest predictors of being able to change. It’s called “self-efficacy”—the belief in your ability to “organize and execute” whatever behavior you would like to modify. It’s the confidence that we can attain what we want. This is especially important if you want to control your weight.

What You Need to Know

The reality is that any behavior change is hard – and thinking you can’t do it even before you start makes it that much harder. So, avoid thoughts like:

  1. I can’t lose weight—it’s in my genes.
  2. I’ll never be able to exercise three times a week.
  3. I can’t eat at a restaurant without pigging out on the bread basket.


To build confidence, use affirmations. Telling yourself that you can do something is half the battle.

Try to build confidence by educating yourself. For instance, if you want to start eating healthy at home, try taking a few healthy cooking classes. You can even rent or buy healthy cooking DVDs.

Another way to build confidence is to examine other instances when you have been successful at overcoming adversity. The more you’ve been successful in the past, the more you gain experience of yourself as a winner.

Think of a past situation in your life in which you triumphed over difficulties or challenges to achieve something great or something that at one point seemed impossible to you. Then give yourself some credit and draw the connection: “If I could overcome that, I can certainly lose weight or start an exercise program.”


Don’t Stop Believin’

By Denis Faye

Hold on to that sweaty feeling! We know it’s hard! We know it’s easier just to sit on the couch. And sometimes, we know you’re just not getting the results as fast as you’d like. But things are happening, honestly! Muscles are toning, fat’s melting. You just need to keep at it.

Here are five quick tips to help you do just that.

    1. Enlist a buddy. Misery loves company, right? Grab your wife, husband, sister, brother, mailman, whoever—anyone who can join you on your quest to get fit. If there’s no one in the immediate vicinity, log on to the Beachbody Message Boards. Tons of folks log on every day looking for a workout buddy. Once you find that pal, you can use tools like WOWY® to keep each other honest.


    1. Pick the right program. Far too many people pick the program they think they need without accounting for their personal tastes. Into pumping iron? Then don’t do Turbo Jam or Yoga Booty Ballet. Instead, hit it hard with Power 90® or P90X®! Have a look around, talk to a few people, and pick something that looks fun. That’ll keep you motivated. Even if another program might fit your goals a little better, there’s no point if you’re not going to finish.


    1. Baby steps. About three days into P90X, another 87 workouts seems like a lot. Try to get out of this mind-set. Think weekly. If you get to Sunday, to your rest day, you’ll have accomplished a week of hard work. You can assess the next week later.


    1. Along these same lines, consider a lesser goal. Fifty pounds in eight weeks is rather daunting. Start by losing ten pounds. Once you’re there, reassess and set another small goal.


    1. WOWY®. This is our free online gym (stands for “Work Out With You”). It’s a feature that allows people to alert others as to what workout they’re doing, when they’re doing it, and how it’s going. Even if you don’t have a workout buddy (as suggested in the first tip), it’s still a great way to be held accountable and be inspired by any others on the same quest for fitness as you.


    1. Nude up. Okay, this one is a bit out there, but try to spend as much time with your clothes off as possible. If you still have a long way to go, it’ll serve as a reminder of the things you’re striving to change. If you’re well on your way, it’ll remind you of all you’ve accomplished, especially when you walk by a mirror and think, “Who’s that hottie?” Sometimes a little narcissism is a good thing. That said, you might want to strap a few of your bits down when actually working out.

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